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SPC Part 1: Process Capability Indices

By Luis Mtz Ppk and Cpk indices are terms used differently between different authors; based on what article you read and the approach from either the Six Sigma guidelines, the … Continue reading

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Inventory- related costs and the EOQ Part 1

By Luis Mtz Inventories are inevitable. When stocking big quantities for short periods of time, short quantities for long periods of time, or worst, big quantities for long periods of … Continue reading

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Time Series Models in Forecast: Naïve, Average Level Change, Average Percentage Change, and Weighted Average Percentage Change

By Luis Mtz In my previous article, Forecast Models, we mentioned the 3 most used models in forecast businesses for forecast: Time Series (You sold this product before) Judgmental (You … Continue reading

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Forecast Models

By Luis Mtz Suppose that you have a product that takes days to manufacture, and it’s costly. You need to produce this product ahead of time (before firm sales arrive) … Continue reading

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So what is a Quality Management System (QMS)?

By Luis Mtz There is a lot of information about QMS out there in the literature, but most people confuse QMS (and not to blame them) with an ISO standard. It’s not … Continue reading

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APQP: An introduction

By Luis Mtz There are several methodologies to improve the design of a product or service, the objective being the improvement of the design processes that will lead to the … Continue reading

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Legacy: Stay Hungry

By Alter Ego He was always going beyond his plateaus, both physically and mentally. He would wake up at 3:30 am, sometimes at 4:00 am, and go through exercise routines for 3 … Continue reading

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